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I’m an investment analyst at Saga Partners. I focus mainly on SaaS and healthcare and my investment philosophy has helped identify long-term winners early on. While I had widely known names like DDOG, ZM, CRWD, and AYX in my portfolio when I started sharing monthly updates back in December 2019, I had a massive allocation dedicated to a lesser-known digital health company called LVGO.

How was I able to find and develop so much conviction in LVGO and hold/add to my position through its long period of underperformance? It all comes down to my checklist. A potential investment does not have to follow all of these criteria, I make some exceptions for outperformance in other areas but these are the factors that I have found strongly increase your chances of finding a winning company.

Investment Checklist:

1) Category leader (dominates a niche, see Gartner/Forrester)

2) Recurring revenue (high visibility SaaS model)

3) Large and growing TAM vs market share (>$2B market cap, the potential to 2-3x over the next 3 years, position on S-Curve?)

4) Defensible moat (network effects, branding, IP, partnerships, distribution channels, architecture, switching costs, economies of scale, barriers to entry, talent, etc.)

5) High gross margins (>70%) and organic revenue growth (>40%, preferably w/potential to accelerate)

6) High DBNER (>120%) and gross retention rate (>90%)

7) Progress towards profitability (improving non-GAAP gross and operating margins and cash flows, sales efficiency)

8) Focused, mission-driven company culture, ambitious vision (4/5+ Glassdoor rating?)

9) Founder CEO, experienced management, and high insider ownership (insider buying?)

10) Rapid customer growth with fast sales cycles (preferably bottom-up/land and expand model)

11) Diversified customer base (strong pricing power, few dependencies)

12) Optionality and rapid product development (creating a platform/ecosystem?)

13) User satisfaction/mindshare (external job postings, reviews, conferences)

14) Valuation (sustainable multiple w/opportunity for expansion?)

15) Geographic/industry familiarity (US-based? Can I easily explain their product offering?)

16) Technical indicators (healthy relative strength, volume, accumulation/distribution, moving averages trending up, etc.)

Although selecting a great investment involves a lot more than running companies through this checklist, it helps greatly in narrowing my focus to build a concentrated portfolio of high-conviction stocks (see my monthly portfolio updates for holdings)

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